806 Health Tip: Ways To Make Your Dining Out Safer
It was a crazy couple of months for anyone who worked in the restaurant business. It still hasn't kicked back up full force. We still can only dine at fifty percent. That makes going out to eat sometimes tougher than we would like.
806 Health Tip: The Quarantine 15 And Sleep Habits
All this time that you have been home and working have you heard of the Quarantine 15? They compare it to the Freshman 15. You know where you gain 15 pounds when you start college because of all the freedom to eat what you want and when.
The Proper Way to Eat PEEPS®
With Easter coming up this weekend, the PEEPS® have hatched into beautiful color.  Pink, yellow, blue, just to name a few.  So the question that I find myself asking is how do you eat a PEEP®?
Woman Finds Pearl in her Mouth After Eating An Oyster
I'll admit the only way I have ever eaten an oyster is fried.  I have refused to try them raw out of a shell.   The word "snot" comes to mind when I see one so I just cannot force myself to try one.  However, lots of people do and love them.  Take for instance, Pamela Levi, she loves oyste…