806 Health Tip: Ways We Are Avoiding Germs
Have you found yourself being over OCD? I mean making sure not to get any germs. Are you even finding yourself over thinking it all. I know I have. I am thinking a lot more about it. I have always been a massive hand washer but it goes beyond that.
806 Health Tip: Washing Hands After Phone Usage
We have luckily started getting really good and washing our hands. They can be full of so many germs, viruses and gross things that can make us sick. We know warm water and soap is the best defense. Oh and yes we need to scrub for at least twenty seconds. Don't forget it is also important to dr…
Uh, Yuck!
Are you the type of person to empty out your fries on a tray and eat them at a fast food place?  You may not want to do that.
Flying-A Germy World Up in the Sky
When you fly do you ask for a blanket or a pillow?  Do you use the restroom on the plane?  Do you read the SkyMall?  This might make you think twice or at least pack a bottle of hand sanitizer (1 0z or less of course) in your carry-on.