806 Health Tip: Plants Don't Really Clean The Air
Growing up I had plants all over the house. I felt like I was living in a jungle. My mom definitely had a green thumb. Me, not so much! I can successfully kill a cactus I am afraid. I heard time and time again how having all those plants were good for us. We had really clean air in my house thanks t…
Texas Is Open; Wear Your Mask In Amarillo
When this all started it seemed weird to see people wearing masks. I mean unless you were in a doctor's office or somewhere medical. I was in Dallas when this outbreak first hit. They were on lockdown earlier and longer than we were in Amarillo.
806 Health Tip: Cleaning Can Be Hazardous
We are still spending a lot of time in our houses. Even though Texas and with that Amarillo is starting to slowly open up. A lot of us are taking it slow as well. So a lot of time is still close by.
806 Health Tip: If You Snooze You Lose
You always have good intentions. I will go to sleep at a decent time tonight. I will get up on time and maybe even get a little exercise in. It used to be that you would think "hey getting to work only takes me ten minutes" Heck pretty much everything is ten minutes away here in Amarillo.
806 Health Tip: The Quarantine 15 And Sleep Habits
All this time that you have been home and working have you heard of the Quarantine 15? They compare it to the Freshman 15. You know where you gain 15 pounds when you start college because of all the freedom to eat what you want and when.
806 Health Tip: Zoom Meetings Lead To Exhaustion
Zoom meetings have made staying connected during this time a lot easier. For the most part that is. I mean we do get to see our co-workers that we are displaced from. We get to chat with our boss and come up with new ideas. Who would have thought that when 2020 that this would be our reality?

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