Mother of All Mums
Homecoming is a fun celebration for most High School students.   It's a day to cheer on your high school football team.  It is also a day of anxiety when it comes to mums.
10 Heartwarming Holiday Soldier Homecomings
The Christmas season is the happiest time of year. We get to spend extra time with our family and friends, and there are endless supplies of cookies. While these few weeks are filled with tons of cheer, it's also the sappiest time of year, especially in the good ol' USA. It's the ideal time for overseas military men to surprise their loved ones, and of course, create tearjerker alert YouTube video
10 Moving Soldier Homecomings for Memorial Day
The service men and women of our country make huge sacrifices to fight battles on our behalf and keep the freedoms we hold dear.One of those sacrifices is being away from their families and loved ones for long periods of time. The only thing that makes this sacrifice bearable for most is the incredible sweetness of coming home, even if it is only for a short leave.
Dogs Welcome Home Soldiers In Heartwarming Montage [VIDEO]
Is there anything more adorable than a dog greeting its owner? How about a dog greeting its owner after they return home from military deployment? We dare you to watch this supercut of lovable pooches welcoming their owners home from military service and not get choked up.
Soldier Suprises Parents with Homecoming at a NHL Hockey Game [VIDEO]
I'll admit that this video brought tears to my eyes this morning.  I cannot imagine what it must feel like to be the parents, spouse, child of a soldier serving overseas. You can tell from the tear that this mom wipes away in the video that she misses her son terribly.  However, she has no idea what is about to happen on the ice as her and her husband prepare to drop the puck in honor of their son

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