This Facebook Post Screams Amarillo
We really need to lighten up a bit. We need to enjoy the funny things we see here in Amarillo. If you just drive around town you will see many things that you can only see in Amarillo.
806 Health Tip: Fake It Until You Make It
With the way that 2020 has gone so far it is really tough to be excited about a lot of things. The world sometimes just seems like it is going crazy. Now more than ever we have to put on a happy face.
806 Health Tip: Wake Up And Face Your Day With A Smile
Can you actually wake up on the right side of the bed? Or the wrong? Is that even a thing. I mean if you wake up all refreshed and happy than you woke up on the right side. If you wake up all groggy and cranky than you, my friend, woke up on the wrong side. Is that a thing?

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