New Laws in Texas
There are several new laws becoming effective on January 1st, 2016 in the state of Texas, including the controversial open carry allowance.
Brussels Plans to Battle Offensive Language With Hefty Fines
Brussels, Belgium, has unleashed a sonic street sweeper into the city, hoping to curb the verbal cesspool coming from the mouths of its citizens and, in turn, make the city a more habitable community for its residents. According to a spokesperson for Brussels mayor Freddy Thieleman, any form of insult, be it racist or homophobic, offensive language or words used to sexually harass someone in publi
Federal Judge Blocks Law Requiring Graphic Photos on Cigarette Packs
In a 29-page decision on Monday, US District Judge Richard J. Leon blocked the implementation of a law on graphic cigarette photos. It would’ve required tobacco companies to include explicit photos detailing the dangers of smoking on cigarette packages. The 36 images proposed by the Food and Drug Administration include a picture of diseased lungs next to healthy lungs, a man exhaling smoke through