Lone Star Ballet

Lone Star Ballet Says Show Won't Go On
Everyone was hoping to have Christmas in February. There is never a bad time for the Christmas cheer. We found out in November that the Lone Star Ballet’s Nutcracker was going to have to reschedule their normal Christmas performance.
Lonestar Ballet Reschedules Nutcracker Ball But Not The Sale
As disappointing as this year has been with all of it's cancellations it was no surprise when "The Nutcracker" performance was going to have to reschedule. This has been such a tradition each and every December. All of the ballet's students really looked forward to this.
Vicki McLean Retires From Lone Star Ballet
What can I say about my friend Vicki McLean? She is a fabulous person. She really is that. I met her back in 2008 when she came in to visit me at a radio station I worked at many moons ago. She would come in and talk about Dracula. Oh and of course the Nutcracker Ball and any other great ballet they…