806 Health Tip: You Can Turn Those Failures Around
We have all been there. We start off with huge goals. Whether it is in the beginning of the year with New Years Resolutions or it's the beginning of a weight loss challenge. We start off so great and then as the time goes on we lose hope and we lose focus.
806 Health: The Correct Way To Walk Your Dog
I know that going for a walk with your dog is by far a healthy thing for you to do for yourself; but it is also great for your dog. You both get to go outside in the environment. You both get some much needed exercise.
806 Health Tip: Some Ways That We Can Deal With Stress
So some weeks are just worse than others. Some days we can deal with the stress and sometimes we just need to walk away a bit and recharge. It is always good to deal with stress head on. I mean you don't want to bottle it up because at some point you will just explode. Nobody needs that.

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