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Why Can't I Hear Mix?
We have been asked this question several times in the last few weeks, "Why can't I pick up Mix 94.1".  A lot of people in the outlying areas of Amarillo are having trouble picking up Mix 94.1.  Here's the reason why you can't hear the station.
What is Going on with Mix 94.1?
You may have noticed over the last could of days that you may not  be able to pick up Mix.  It may sound a little funny.  It may sound like it is repeating or even echoing.  Well you have been hearing those things.  You may have even asked, what is wrong with Mix 94.1.  Well there is a simple answer.
Caught You Listening
We want you to get Caught Listening to Mix 94.1.    If you are caught listening we have a surprise we will deliver to your office.
Pay It Forward
Mix 94.1 wants to help you Pay It Forward to someone special in your life.  That someone who went above and beyond for you, or someone who has done something amazing in out community.
Win Cash Twice Each Weekday In May on Mix 94.1*
Who couldn't use a few extra bucks?  I know I would love to have some extra cash just in time for summer.  I would love to kick back on the beach with a book and watch E. play in the sand.  I may not be able to make that vacation come true but you have a chance to WIN CASH to make your summer dreams come true.
Top 10 Blogs of 2012 on Mix 94.1
What can I say, 2012 was an interesting year. According to what you are reading on our website you definitely were not ready to let go of AMC, you love to have birthday parties for your kids, you like recipes, and you are interested in drug testing for welfare...

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