Closed: Moondoggy's In Downtown Amarillo
This was one of those stories I really hated to see. I hate seeing any business close down but this is one that I have gone to many of times. See it is in Downtown Amarillo and right by one of my workplaces. So this was a bummer to see over the weekend happen.
806 Health Tip: The "New Normal" For 2020
We were so happy to ring in 2020. Remember when we were all complaining about 2019? You remember. Right? Here we are towards the end of July and I feel that our new normal is nothing like we anticipated back when we hated 2019 so much.
Downtown Amarillo Moondoggy's Taking A Covid Hit
We need to step up and help our favorite restaurants. We live in a place where regardless of Covid we need to support our local businesses. A lot were hit hard back in March and here we go again the restaurants are taking a hit. It is hard to stay afloat when you can't open up all the way.