806 Health: How You Can Avoid Back Pain
As we get older things start to hurt. First it may be your knees. Oh and then you pulled a muscle in your back. Things just hurt. They just do. Whether it is our muscles, our joints, our necks or even our whole bodies. It is a thing.
806 Health: Eat Spinach To Feel Stronger
I know I grew up watching a lot of Popeye. I just knew that spinach would make me big and strong. I love me some spinach. Now if I had to choose I would always go for the bag of fresh spinach or even frozen over that canned stuff. I feel stronger just typing this.
806 Health Tip: Pickle Juice For The Win
I was talking with my daughter and her friends a bit ago and I was telling them how I was reading that drinking pickle juice was a great thing to drink to help you if you have had a bit too much to drink.