The Spin-Cycle of Life
I have to say I have had a rough couple of months. A crazy reaction to a new medication literally threw my body into some kind of lurch. It also has been a big wake up call for me. You always hear people talking about taking "better" care of themselves. But at this point, I've realized I just need to take care of myself. Period. The "better" part will have to come when I'm actu
The Phrases that Moms Use – The Mom Song [VIDEO]
As a mom, there are certain things we say to our children.  These are things that are passed down from generation to generation.  Our moms said them to us, their moms said it to them, their moms before them, and now I'm guessing you have sounded just like your mom at one point in time talking to your kids.  I know, I know, we swore we would never do it, but it just automatically happens.  So as a

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