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Missing Dog Reunited With His Owner After 3 Years
I love stories of lost pets who are reunited with their owners.  Especially when they are found on the other side of the country from where they were lost. Check out this story of a beloved pet who was found in Florida and reunited with his owner in California.
New Line of Products for Your Pets that Like to Rock
Are you a rocker that would love to treat your pet like a rocker? Do you have a pet in your life that's a rocker?    PetSmart will have a new line of products that is perfect for the rockin' pets in your life.   This new line of products comes from someone who knows the…
I know we have enjoyed this wonderful weather for the past couple of weeks and hopefully soon we see it coming to an end.
I hope everyone out there is taking special care of their animals.  This is the type of weather that is even harmful to them...