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806 Health Tip: Dieting Is Better With A Partner
It seems like it is a never ending battle. At any given time we seem like we are trying to watch what we eat. We are on that four letter word that we call a diet. We are trying to be healthier. We are trying to overall do better.
806 Health Tip: Active And Healthy Ideas For Dates
Whether you are single or a couple just looking for new date ideas there are some fun activities you should try. Maybe you want to get healthy and maybe even social distancing is a priority. Don't make all of this keep you from connecting as a couple.
806 Health Tip: Reasons To Get Healthy
We have so many reasons we want to get in shape. We do know it is better for us. We also get that it makes us feel better about ourselves too. So we look into ways to get in shape. We vow to eat better and try to exercise. If we don't have the time to exercise we will for sure get up and move a…

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