Phone Scam
This week we reported that Xcel Energy was asking for a 14% increase on our electric bills, unfortunately that wasn't the scam. There is a new phone scam making the rounds involving your energy bill.
The Potter County Sheriffs Department is warning citizens about a check scam that has made its way into in Amarillo.
It's that time of year when people are starting to do their taxes.   It's something we have to do every single year, we have to get those returns done and in to the IRS.  However, it seems criminals come out of the wood works trying to get your hard earned money.  The A…
Phone Scam
There is a new phone scam making its way around the phones of Amarillo residents.  This scam involves someone claiming to be from the Amarillo Police Department claiming they are trying to enforce payment of outstanding IRS taxes.
Door-To-Door Salesman
It seems that more and more door-to-door salesman are popping up in Amarillo.  Most of them are legit however some are not.  It seems that door-to-door scams are taking over and frankly it seems to be getting worse.
The IRS Warns of Scams
Since we are in the beginning of tax season, everyone is getting ready and waiting on all their tax forms so they can file their taxes and get their returns.   With all the money coming back to people means, scams will be in full force.
Beware Of New Scam Going On Now
The Amarillo Police Department are warning folks in Amarillo about a current phone scam that is going on.
Police are reporting that this afternoon 20 people have been contacted by phone or text from a phone number with an 806 area code, claiming that their Mastercard has been compromised.
Facebook Scam
So there is a  Facebook scam going on and I fell for it yesterday.  Apparently scammers are taking your name, information, and profile picture and creating a new profile.
New Cell Phone Scam
Here's a scam, there's a scam, every where a scam, scam.  It seems that every time you turn around, a new scam has surface.  Before we know it thieves will find a way to scam us for blinking.  Today's new scam involves your cell phone.  It seems this is happening a…

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