Earth Is Safe From Asteroid For At Least 100 Years
There is some good news this week. NASA officials say Planet Earth is safe from being hit by an asteroid that scientists have been studying for years.
According to NASA Asteroid Apophis will not be slamming into planet Earth within the next 100 years...
Why That Song Is Stuck In Your Head
Everyone has suffered from having the same song stuck in their heads for hours on end. Christmas songs are the worst! You hear one on the radio for two seconds and find yourself singing it all day. Why does this happen?
Good news: Scientists are on it...
DHDC Mindfest
Are you looking for something fun for the kids to do this weekend.  We only have so many weekends left before school starts so we want you to have as much fun as you possibly can before the kids get back to their routines.   You can make plans for you and your kids to enjoy a fun time at the Don Har…
The Discovery Center always has fun exhibits and events happening, but did you know that the Discovery Center offers events for adults only?  It is called Discover AfterDark and this month you can experience Beerology Science on Tap.

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