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Save Big With Seize the Deal
Do you like to save money?  I know I do and I'm always looking for great deals.  I like my money and I want to have more of it.  So I love looking for money saving coupons, sales and deals.  That's why I love Seize the Deal.  They have some really great deals and y…
Seize the Deal
I just wanted to remind you about a great thing we have connected to our websites and our radio station.  It is a great site for great savings.  Maybe you have heard of it and maybe you haven't, but it is called Seize the  Seize the Deal will save you money.
Seize the Deal Auction
Today is the last day to bid on the awesome items in the Seize the Deal Auction.  The auction ends at 7pm tonight.   Here are a few of the great items you can bid on.
Seize the Deal Auction
The Seize the Deal Auction ends tomorrow night at 7pm, so you still have time to bid on an item you have had your eye on.   Here are some fun picks for today.
Seize the Deal Auction
The bidding is on at Seze The  Lot's of great items.  I keep bidding on one item and I keep getting outbid.   We have so many great items that you can bid on.  Here are my picks for Wednesday.
Seize the Deal Auction
If you haven't gotten your bidding on I encourage you to log onto Seize the for the Seize the Deal Auctions.  We have a ton of great items you can bid on.   In fact here are my top 3 picks for today.
Concealed Handgun Class for 4 from Dixon Firearms Training
$400 Value - Current Bid $160
Seize the Deal Auction
If you are looking for some great items and you love a great bidding battle then you need to take part in the Seize the Deal Auction going on right now.