Does Half-Eaten Food Bother You?
i have plenty to do, thank you very much, but necessity has been cutting through the break room, to get to the boss's office. So, yeah I see the donut box with half a donut, still in it. Does this bother you?
Taking Selfies Likely The Cause of a Plane Crash in Colorado
It is becoming more and more apparent that using cell phones while operating modes of transportation is dangerous.  A plane crashed in Watkins, Colorado in May of 2014 killing the two people on board.  The National Transportation Safety Board recently revealed their findings of the cause o…
The Morning Selfie
So this morning as we are running around getting dressed and trying to get our stuff together E. stops me and asks to take a selfie.
Happy Earth Day!
Today is Earth Day!  If you get a chance give it a hug today!  Here's some awesome videos to celebrate this wonderful day on Earth.  NASA is enouraging a Global Selfie today so get outside in your favorite spot and share it with the world. #globalselfie

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