How You Can Help Family Support Services At Bubba's 33
So every July we head to Downtown Amarillo. Our goal is to win a new Harley and party the night away. The Harley Party for the Downtown Women's Center is a thing. I have been there a few years. Heck, supporting Family Support Services after the year they have had. We are all in.
806 Health Tip: Sleeping Through This Pandemic
Have you had a little harder time sleeping through the pandemic? If you have well just know that you are not alone. We have been finding ourselves worrying a lot more. Less sleep, though, really does us no good. In fact it makes it easier for us to get sick. Our immune system starts to get compromis…
Texas Is Open; Wear Your Mask In Amarillo
When this all started it seemed weird to see people wearing masks. I mean unless you were in a doctor's office or somewhere medical. I was in Dallas when this outbreak first hit. They were on lockdown earlier and longer than we were in Amarillo.

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