A $20 Pay It Forward from a Boy to a Soldier [VIDEO]
When I see a story that touches my heart, the first thing I do after I dry my eyes, is hop on my computer to share it with you.  Good stories need to be shared, because sometimes there isn't enough good in the world.  That is why when a story like this comes along, it has a way of res…
Dogs Welcome Home Soldiers In Heartwarming Montage [VIDEO]
Is there anything more adorable than a dog greeting its owner? How about a dog greeting its owner after they return home from military deployment? We dare you to watch this supercut of lovable pooches welcoming their owners home from military service and not get choked up.
A Returning Soldier Surprises His Sister at Graduation [VIDEO]
Monday's can be rough, most people say they hate Monday's.  Monday's for me can be a little rough as well, that is why I thought you might like a feel good video of the day.   Jessica was graduating from Cal Poly and wished that her brother serving over in Afghanistan could see her graduate.  Well t…

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