806 Health: Eat Spinach To Feel Stronger
I know I grew up watching a lot of Popeye. I just knew that spinach would make me big and strong. I love me some spinach. Now if I had to choose I would always go for the bag of fresh spinach or even frozen over that canned stuff. I feel stronger just typing this.
Two Teenage Girls Lift a 1.5 Ton Tractor Off Their Dad [VIDEO]
I  have always heard that in a crisis that humans can turn into super heroes.  I have heard stories where a 110 pound woman lifted a car off of someone.  Does this super human strength come from adrenaline or does is come from a diving power.  Two teen age girls found that out when their dad found himself trapped under a tractor.
Team Impact Shows Off Their Physical and Spiritual Strength This Weekend In Amarillo
I remember as a little girl being dragged to our local high school gym for something my brother has been talking about for weeks.  Personally I had no interest in seeing a bunch of muscle men show off their muscles.  However, once I was in the bleachers of that gym and saw the amazing strength of these men and their awesome faith, I was a fan from that day on.  Now, I get to share that same amazem