Taco Bell

Churros Coming Soon to a Taco Bell Near You
I love churros!  Those cruncy on the outside soft and gooey on the inside goodness is one of my favorite things.  Growing up, there was a restaurant in my small town that served churros and I would always beg to go there and eat because I knew I would get churros.
Yo Quiero 100% Beef?
I like Taco Bell, who doesn't love a taco or even one of their stuffed burritos.  You get good food at an affordable price.  Now when you go to a fast food place do you really expect to get full fledged meat in your food without fillers for only a buck or two?  For me personally,  no I don't expect 100% real meat without fillers.  Taco Bell is now facing a lawsuit because of alleged false advertis
Taco BElmo
Why didn't we think of this? YouTube prankster Janmann33 orders up some grub at the Taco Bell drive-thru as Sesame Street's Elmo. And we are talking brilliantly in the voice of Elmo.