tax day

The Perks of A Tax Return
We pay taxes out of every single one of our paychecks, so that's why we get excited in the beginning of the year because we know we have money coming our way.  I'm the first to file when I get my documents because I want that money. So for those of us that get a Tax Return, we have big, big, plans for that green.  So here are some perks of a tax return.
Tax Day Brings The Freebies
Tomorrow is April 15th or better known as TAX DAY!  While that can mean stress and ulcers for some, it can bring lots of cool freebies.
Free Comfort Food From United Supermarket in Honor of Tax Day
Today, is officially Tax Day.  You have to have your taxes postmarked today by midnight or e-filed by midnight or you have to have your extension granted.  Let's face it Tax Day can be stressful.  Especially if you waited til the last minute.  However, United Supermarkets wants to help take that stress away by offering free comfort food today for Tax Day Relief.