A Tiara for Migraines
This is great news for migraine sufferers.  The FDA has just approved a device that looks like a Space Tiara to help prevent migraines.  The device is called Cefaly.  It is said to relieve and prevent migraines.  It has been used in Canada and now with FDA approval it will be ava…
WikiBear is a new bear that can answer all sorts of questions.  I would call this the Teddy Ruxpin of this generation.  It is fully interactive and can have conversations with kids.   Where Teddy Ruxpin would work with cassettes, Wikibear works off of an app connected by  Bl…
Kids Do the Darndest Things – The Woes of Technology
This week, the big theme in our house has been focused on technology. Specifically, how it should *not* be used. My children have iPod's and/or tablet devices. There are rules. They can't download apps (or anything else) without asking. They can't connect via e-mail, text, Facetime, or anything else…
Family Watches Daughter Die Over a Laptop
A young woman by the name of Sanaz Nezami came to the U.S. to obtain to pursue a advanced degree in engineering at Michigan Technical Institute  and was brutally beaten that left her brain dead.  The police have arrested her husband and charged him for second-degree murder for the beating.  Unable t…
Builder Makes A Real Life-Sized Wall-E [VIDEO]
Wall-E was a cute Disney/Pixar movie and you cannot help but fall in love with that cute little trash compacting robot.  Apparently I'm not the only one who fell in love with Wall-E.  A builder named, Michael McMaster,  actually created a life-sized Wall-E and it is amazing.
Hot Fresh Bread from a Vending Machine [VIDEO]
Have you ever had one of those day where you knew you would be cooking up spaghetti and you wanted a hot fresh baguette to go along with it, but didn't want to fight the grocery store to get it.  Well guess what, there is a new baguette vending machine that dispenses hot fresh bread.

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