the goonies

Goonies Never Say Die!
I have loved The Goonies since I first saw the movie back in the 80s.  There was just something about those treasure hunting kids, trying to take the man down.
See the Kids From ‘The Goonies’ Then and Now
'The Goonies' was an ensemble movie all the way, and the seven actors who played the ragtag gang of young treasure hunters all delivered memorable performances. In fact, most of them used 'The Goonies' as a springboard into long careers in TV and film, and even the ones who didn&…
See the Kids From ‘The Goonies’ Then and Now
A reoccurring theme of movies during the mid-’80s was that of scrappy kids beating the odds. Daniel-son had to defeat the Cobra Kai in ‘The Karate Kid’ and the teens of Calumet, Colorado had to fight off most of the communist block in ‘Red Dawn.’ But probably the biggest underdogs were ‘The Goonies,…