City Of Amarillo Closing Buildings Due To Covid Numbers
I don't know how many times I heard that Covid would be over as soon as November 4th. I thought that was ridiculous from the first time I heard it. I still do. Guess what? November 4th was yesterday and as far as I can tell Covid is still a thing. Am I right?
Was Your Water Bill High?
Did you open your City of Amarillo Water bill and wonder why is was higher than normal?  You used the same amount of water that you normally do, but you were charged more than normal.  There is a reason your bill might be higher than usual.
Xcel Energy Bills Lowering Texas Bills [POLL]
When I saw this I did a dance of joy.  For me personally when it comes to my utility bills I do what I can to keep them as low as possible.  It upsets me when I don't change anything I'm doing and my bill goes up.  For someone on a strict budget it makes life hard when you c…