5 Tips To Eat Less Meat From a Former Die-Hard Meat Eater
Raydel Hernandez grew up on meat. Growing up in a Cuban family, It was not only an important part of every meal, but it was an important part of his culture. The recipes that his grandmother made had love, meaning, and connection. So, when the doctor said that the way for Raydel to live with his gout was to commit to a life of pills, he was less bothered than when she said if he wanted to reverse
“Plant Based Does a Body Good,” Says Kim Kardashian, Sticking to Her Diet
When Kim Kardashian posted an IG photo posed in a crop top and cargo pants and captioned it "🌱🍃 Plant based does a body good 🌱🍃," her 206 million followers took note of the diet's slimming effects. She looks slender and lean, naturally fit and strong, and her fans have been eager to see if she sticks with her newly plant-based diet plan or not. It appears she is still going ... Read
Want to Lose Weight? Study Finds a Plant-Based Diet Beats Mediterranean
No doubt you’ve heard the accolades for the Mediterranean diet. This plant-rich diet, which allows some animal products (such as low-fat cheese, fish, and lean protein), has been lauded as the best diet for long-term health. Yet here’s the million-dollar question: How does the Mediterranean diet stack up against a vegan or plant-based diet when it comes to overall health and weight loss... Read Mo
New Study Finds a Low-Fat Plant-Based Diet Beats Keto for Weight Loss
There are a host of benefits to eating plant-based a diet, from lowering your risk of every major disease to helping to save the planet. But now there is also a growing body of evidence that a plant-based diet will help you lose weight and be healthy too, since plant-based foods are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber and low in saturated fat...
Mommy Blogger Jess C. – The Vegetarian Life
At every meal where a group of people are we always get asked why we are vegetarians.  I used to be a meat eater like most people.  I enjoyed a good ribeye, nice and juicy. I loved drenching my bread in the juices.  Loved a burger, you know the kind that required a handful of napkins cause the flavors were coming out with every bite.  I loved meat.  I made fun of my friends that were vegetarians. 
Great Vegetarian Choices for Your Superbowl Party
If you have a friend who is a vegetarian, then you know for them it is frustrating going to a party at someone's home because the are usually forgotten in the food planning.  Here's a great list of food that your vegetarian friends can enjoy at your Superbowl Party.