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Animals That Talk? You Betcha [Video]
Rex Harrison sang about talking to the animals in the film Dr. Doolittle.
I'm sure you have watched one of the animals at the Amarillo Zoo and either thought, 'I wonder what their thinking?' or you might actually make up some dialog for them? I've been guilty of that many times.
Johansson's TV Ad Goes Viral After Being Banned [VIDEO]
While the Seahawks and Broncos are gearing up for the big game on Sunday, the cute and clever ads that we'll be seeing in between the action are already making their way to the internet and some are going viral.
The one that caught my attention was Scarlett Johansson's commercial for SodaSt…
What Does the Fox Say? – Who Cares What the Fox Says
Why is this song invading my home life.   I knew nothing about this song until Monday when a friend sent me a link saying that her kids love this song.  I watched the video until I heard what the fox might say and then quickly turned it off.  No, I don't care what the fox sa…