Top 10 Music Videos of 2015
You can be confident that you know exactly what a song is about. Then, you watch the music video and all of your confidence fades away. Music videos are glimpses into the background of every song and even more so the artist that performs them...
Babies Riding on Roombas [VIDEO]
It's funny when you have kids, you tend to do some things that might not always be the smartest thing, but it turns into being a cute thing.  So you take a baby, and you take the cool robotic vacuum cleaner called a Roomba, you put the baby on the Roomba and you get this video.
Is YouTube Making Us… Smarter?
Anybody who's been to YouTube quickly becomes cynical about the future of the human race, particularly when you read the comments to... well... any video. But this PBS video argues that YouTube actually makes you smarter by lowering barriers to learning about literally any topic. And we have to ad…
This YouTube Love Serenade Is Painfully Awkward
“Everything I do, I do it for you,” sings Bryan Adams in his notoriously sappy smash hit of the same name.
YouTube user THASSLEHOFF seconds that emotion, choosing the Robin Hood movie theme to serenade a fair maiden named Emily.

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