Buying a house is great. Home ownership is the American Dream. We have head that growing up. Let's face it though, owning a home can be a headache at time. It is nice to not be throwing away money on rent.

Now when you are ready to move you should make some money on the sale of your home to help you get into a much nicer home. That is the hope. So to make that a reality you need to be prepared. There, inevitably, will be things that will come up that can cause you a headache. Getting ahead of it it key.

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When I bought my home a few years ago I loved the fact that I was getting a tankless water heater. Oh wow. Instant hot water all the time was a great concept. I didn't think that with our hard water here in Amarillo there were things I wasn't prepared for. I didn't know that the hard water we had would cause the aerator's on my sink and shower to clog up with sediment. I didn't know that those clogs would lower my water pressure. My hot water heater without that pressure would not kick on. That equaled cold water. So after having countless repairmen over I started saving for a new water heater. I wanted to go back to the regular tank heater. If you can save for issues like that it is great.

If you are not a person who is handy with repairs, I sure know I am not. It is probably a great idea to keep up the home warranty on your home. I do every year. I have covered my refrigerator, washer and dryer as an add on. That has really saved me. In the last year I needed to replace my garbage disposal. I needed my hot water heater replaced. Yes, I saved money, but that warranty did help me with some of the costs. I have had repairs needed to my ice maker. Things that more than helped cover the amount of money I spent on the warranty. For me that warranty is a no brainer.

Inspect your home every few months. Take a walk around. Look for cracks that may have started to form in your wall or ceiling. Patch them while you can. If they keep coming back you have bigger problems. You may want to call out a foundation expert to help you get ahead of that.

Look for other issues that could happen. Check out your plumbing for leaks. Plumbing can be a huge hassle so not getting ahead of it can cause you more repairs and headaches.

Owning a home is great. It really is, it's helpful in the long run. Just know that you are going to run into issues. It's part of being an adult. Being prepared is the best way to help you through it all.

1009 S Girl Scout Rd, Amarillo, TX

This gorgeous residential home is listed with Triangle Realty, LLC and has an asking price of $1,375,000. It's incredible location is sure to take your breath away.

You can view the original listing here.

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