Who doesn't love things that go fast? Speed seems to be one of those things we all love. I'm guilty of it while driving around sometimes myself. One of my favorite things growing up was going out to our local airport and seeing all the planes up close and when they would do flybys and stunts that you wouldn't normally see them do when just flying around. It was like living in Top Gun and you were just waiting for Maverick and Goose to hop out of the plane and give you the "Need for Speed" pep talk. This weekend the folks in Dalhart are going to take it literally to another level with the Thunder Over Dalhart Airshow.

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Yep, If you're someone who likes loud and fast there will be plenty of it this weekend up in Dalhart. The annual event takes place at the Dalhart Municipal Airport this Saturday from 8 am through 5pm and a few of the big demonstrators coming in feature both the Air Force and Navy.

The USAF A10 Demonstration Team

Air Force Holds Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment 2006
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This happens to be one of my favorite planes, The "Warthog" isn't sexy, It isn't fast and it sure as heck isn't known for it's looks. If there was an airplane version of me... this is it. What it can do though and what makes it such a valuable aircraft is it's abilty to provide close for support ground forces and take quite a bit of punishment. The A10 Demonstration team is not one to miss and they make this plane into a star.

US Navy F/A 18 Super Hornet Demonstration

Copart 300
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The Super Hornets will also be out! the F/A 18 is one fast aircraft usually found on the flight decks of aircraft carriers and naval air stations. If you have been to an airshow or two in the past these are also the same aircraft used by the Blue Angels. Keep the earplugs handy, these guys will break the sound barrier and produce a nice sonic boom!

Also on the flight line...

Thunder Over Dalhart will also have performances from

  • U.S. Navy Legacy Flight
  • David Martin Aerobatics
  • Mike “Spanky” Gallaway
  • Mini Jet Airshows

Don't forget the displays, where you can also get up close and ask the pilots a few questions too. You can purchase tickets for the airshow here.

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