In my experience that there are two types of people who play 'Monopoly.'

The ones that just play because they enjoy getting together with friends and breaking out a board game for 'family fun night' and then those who are down-right ruthless.

I've played the game with the later. You may know a bit about how this person plays 'Monopoly.'

  • buying up all the properties
  • offering you a discount on 'rent' by you giving them the properties you own
  • getting upset when the game is not moving in their favor

Here are some little know facts about the board game of real-estate.

1. Lizzie Maggie invented the game in 1902-1903

2. Originally it was called 'The Landloard's Game'

3. The Longest game ever played was 1,680 hours (70 days)

4. The character locked behind bars is 'Jake the Jailbird'

5. There is more Monopoly Money printed each year than real money

One of the newest changes in the game includes the new cat token. There is a right way and a wrong way to play with the cat.