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Amarillo Needs A Jack In The Box
No, seriously. If one begins craving Jack's amazing tacos, one must drive to ABQ, Wichita Falls, or Midland. Or Dallas, or OKC. How did it happen that the panhandle got ignored? Dunno. Abilene had one but it's gone. Lubbock had 4, lost them all, and are getting them back
Amarillo Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving
I know for my family, we don't have a huge family and we just want to relax and enjoy each others company on Thanksgiving. That's why this year we have decided not to do a big Thanksgiving meal. We are going to take advantage of the restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day.
Why I’m Sad About This Year’s Christmas
I am one of those get your Christmas shopping done early type people. I usually start the last week of October and I'm done by the end of November. Which nothing has changed. I'm moving right along with those gift purchases, however this morning I realized something that made me very …

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