Do You Really Like Wrapping Presents?
I love getting presents at Christmas. I love giving presents at Christmas. I actually enjoy shopping for them and the closer to Christmas, the better. But wrapping presents? I'd rather take a beating. I can rap better than I can wrap, and I don't do either well.
Finding the Perfect Stocking Stuffers
When it comes to the stocking, sometimes you just have to give Santa a little help.  I remember back in the day stockings were filled with oranges and nuts and candy canes, but now days, they are fill with all sorts of things.
The Weirdest Thing In A Man's Bathroom
There is a time after a man leaves home and before he gets married. He's on his own and he can put his stuff, wherever he wants. Look in his fridge, and you might see a six pack, a jar of mustard, and some takeout, he brought home weeks ago.

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