Amarillo Globe News has implemented a 'paywall' on their news website. will now start charging a fee to view the site after you reach the limit of pages that they have set.

It seems that people are not too happy about this either. There are multiple posts on the AGN facebook page from people who are upset with the decision to charge for the news.

Other news outlets in Amarillo have already began to see an increase in traffic. ConnectAmarillo has stated that they have already noticed an increase in unique views to their website. Also, News Channel 10 has stated that they are ready to take advantage of this opportunity to provide free news to the Texas panhandle.

If you frequented the AGN website, you might have noticed multiple ad spaces on each page of their website along with pop up ads in more recent months. The decision to put up the paywall might be seen as a way to generate more revenue as less people are subscribing to the print paper.

This has been done in other markets, and some say it's here to stay, while others say it might just put the nail in the coffin of the News Paper industry.