Each year the Salvation Army has a contest to see who can ring the bell the longest. It has become an annual event and this year Amarillo has a contestant taking part.  This year's goal is ringing the bell 60 hours straight.

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

So what is the World Record Bell-Ringing Contest all about?  It is a contest each year to see who can ring their bell the longest without sleep or eating.  However, this isn’t an easy task.

Amarillo's very own Mike Tunstall will start ringing today at 12 noon.  He will be attempting this new record at the Walmart at 45th and Coulter.  Mike has been a bell ringer for the Salvation Army for the last four years and last year he raised $17,000.

According to the Salvation Army the rules are as follows:

  1. Contestants must ring a bell continuously while at the kettle stand.
  2. Participants must stand the entire time.
  3. No ‘self-playing’ instruments or other aids may be used at any time during the attempt.
  4. Contestants accrue 5 minutes of rest after each 60 minutes of ringing.
  5. Breaks are the only time contestants are permitted to stop ringing, eat, sit or lie down, or leave the kettle stand, use the restroom or sleep.
  6. Contestants may drink non-alcoholic beverages during the attempt, but that may not disrupt the ringing activity.

So if you have time swing on by the Walmart at 45th and Coulter today or tomorrow or if it goes that long the next day and encourage Mike and cheer him on.  Don't forget to drop some money into his kettle.

Other participants taking part in the Bell Ringing Competition:

•    Steve Batzka -Fort Wayne, IN
•    Ryan Gass-Roswell, NM
•    Judy Grace-Bellevue, NE
•    Tim Hatmaker-Santa Maria, CA
•    Joey Ostby-Salinas CA
•    Jason Perkins-Fairfield, CA
•    Darrell Tureskis-Springfield, IL

Some contestants will live tweet and stream their record-setting attempts. Twitter followers can use the hashtag #RINGITON.

The Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign is in its 122nd year.