March 10th, a day of two celebrity deaths and a found planet.

1849 - An Illinois attorney received a patent for an inflatable airbag to lift grounded boats off sandbars.  However, the inventor  one ABE LINCOLN was too busy pursuing politics and the invention never developed.

1876 - ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL transmitted the FIRST TELEPHONE MESSAGE, to his assistant in the next room:  "Mr. Watson, come here, I want you."  It sounds gay, but Bell was actually in a panic because he had spilled acid on his clothes.

1880 - THE SALVATION ARMY arrived in the U.S., after being created in England.

1978 - The BEE GEES' "Night Fever" moved into the #1 spot on the chart . . . replacing another masterpiece from the Brothers Gibb, "Stayin' Alive".

1977 - Astronomers discovered RINGS around URANUS.  

1988 - ANDY GIBB died of a heart ailment.  He was only 30 hairless years old.

1998 - LLOYD BRIDGES died in Westwood, California.  He was 85.

2000 - VINCE GILL married AMY GRANT.  Today is their 11th Anniversary.

2006 - The Louisiana Supreme Court overturned C-MURDER'S murder conviction for (allegedly) shooting a 16-year-old outside a nightclub back in 2002.  He was retried and reconvicted, and he's doing life now.

2007 - Comedian RICHARD JENI committed suicide by shooting himself.  His family said he'd been diagnosed with clinical depression and bouts of psychotic paranoia.