March 4th- This was invent it, without it I couldn't do my job.  John Candy died, and the Queen of all things home was released from prison.

1877 - Emile Berliner INVENTED THE MICROPHONE.  Alexander Graham Bell's company produced it, saving Bell from ruin  and paving the way for the telephone to be invented.

1908 - The New York board of education BANNED THE ACT OF WHIPPING STUDENTS in school.

1933 - Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated as the 32nd President.  His speech contained the famous quote, "THE ONLY THING WE HAVE TO FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF".

Roosevelt was the last president to be inaugurated in March, the first to have a woman serve in the Cabinet and the ONLY president ever elected to FOUR terms.

1952 - RONALD and NANCY REAGAN were married in San Fernando Valley, California.  Today would have been their 59th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY.

1974 - The first issue of "PEOPLE" MAGAZINE hit the newsstands.  MIA FARROW was on the cover.

1990 - Loyola Marymount University basketball star, and the nation's leading scorer, HANK GATHERS, died after collapsing on the court during a game.  He had begun easing his heart medication dosages because he said it was sapping his strength.

1994 - Four extremists were convicted in the WORLD TRADE CENTER bombing in which six people were killed and more than a thousand were injured.

1994 - JOHN CANDY died of a heart attack.  He was only 43.

1996 - Country legend MINNIE PEARL died of a stroke at the age of 83.

1998 - The Supreme Court ruled that SEXUAL HARASSMENT at work can be illegal even when the offender and victim are of the gender.

2001 - GLENN HUGHES, the biker from the VILLAGE PEOPLE, died of lung cancer at the age of 50.

2005 - MARTHA STEWART bolted from Camp Cupcake  more formally known as the Alderson Federal Prison Camp just 30 minutes past the stroke of MIDNIGHT after serving five months in prison.