As you have probably seen all over the place, beards are trendy. I have seen more beards on men in the last two years than I have in my entire life.  I personally think beards are good on a man. 

I say that, but they are only good on a guy if they are taken care of, and groomed.  The "I'm just gonna grow this beard all willy nilly and let is flow" attitude isn't a good thing.  A beard is a commitment.  If taken care of and groomed well a beard can be extremely sexy

I ran across a survey that was done by the Phillip James Salon in Chicago and it found:

49% of women say beards are a turn-off

What?!? Really?  Beards a turn-off?  Well at least that's less than half of the women that took the survey.  At least, I am assuming that the other 51% think beards aren't a turn-off.

All I have to say is I like beards. Beards are sexy.  They can add a air of sophistication to a man's face.

Then again I may be a little biased.

Photo Courtesy of Lori Crofford

The survey also went on to find:

Only 4% of women find mustaches attractive.

62% of women find red-haired men unattractive.

56% of women are attracted to brown-haired men.

35% of men are attracted to women who have pixie cuts.

13% of men like women, who have bangs