Paul McCartney was approached by the James Bond people to write the title song for the then upcoming 007 flick "Live and Let Die". Paul normally writes his words and music first, before putting a title to his work, so this would be something new to him. He would have to write the song around the title of the movie. Paul told the producers to give him about a week to put a song together, if within a week, he couldn't come up with something he would pull out of the project.

Since the film had not been completed as of yet, Mac sat down on a Saturday and read the Ian Flemming novel to get a vibe for the story. On Sunday he put together the title song.

Paul then handed over the tape of his work and the producers responded with, "That's great for a demo, but where's the finished piece?" Paul replied with, "That IS the final piece."

And the rest, as they say, is rock 'n' roll history.

Live and Let Die would be the 8th installment from the James Bond franchise and the first to star Roger Moore.