Finding something to do outside with your dog can sometimes be a challenge. They normally aren't welcome everywhere that we go. If you have ever had a roudy dog and tried to take him out in public you know exactly what I am talking about. Here is a list of some places we like to take 'Buster', the wonder pup!

#1. Dog Park At John Stiff Park

John Stiff Dog Park is a great place to take your dog and have him mingle with the other dogs. With a huge area to run around and watering fountains, your dog is sure to love it! I have a crazy little puppy that doesn't quite understand the word 'no' yet, so this is probably the best place for him. Nothing makes a dog happier than getting to run, play and sniff other dogs where the sun don't shine. Isn't that a dogs dream?

#2. Petco

It's always fun to take Buster to PetCo. because dogs are welcome and it's like taking a kid to a toy store. He runs around and sniffs every single thing in the store. Also, while we are there we can get him all the things that he needs from flea and tick medication to food and treats. Also, everytime we go in, the people sneak him a little dog biscuit!

#3. Petsmart

Much like PetCo, Petsmart has tons to offer including a great grooming department for your pet. If you enjoy pampering you puppy, then you have to take him by Petsmart to get washed, cut and combed. They love it, and honestly, it looks pretty nice from a human perspective as well. They also offer dog training classes for those of you, like me, with a roudy dog who doesn't like to listen or chews up all your shoes. Petsmart is a lot of fun for the whole family.

#4. Critter Camp

This is like heaven to any dog on the planet. This is 'the' place to take your dog for grooming and a canine party! They get to swim in the 'dog' pool and look for buried treasure in the dog treat filled sandbox! They can play frisbee with a pet care tech and just relax in the climate controlled areas. Whether you are going out of town and need a place to watch your pup, or just wanna him to have a blast, Critter Camp is the way to go.

#5. Medi-Park

Medi-Park is a beautiful park located in the Medical Center in Amarillo. It has two gorgeous lakes with bridges and fountains. The perfect place to take your dog for a walk, and if you have a dog who loves to swim, just toss the ball into the water and watch him take off after it. Odds are, the only 'looks' you'll get are the ones from people gathering around and admiring your pup. There are lot's of people out there and it is a very dog friendly place.

For those of you with furry friends, this list might help you out. And, if you and your pet have a favorite place that I didn't list, let me know in a comment below!