Top Secret Santa Gifts People Want
We had to postpone our company Christmas party, due to the approaching winter storm. It turns out to be a blessing as a list of Secret Santa gifts, people actually want, has turned up. Looks like I might change mine.
Mind Your Manners At Christmas
Most of us will be seeing a lot of people, between now and Christmas. Maybe it's family coming in, or your co-workers with their significant others. The holidays are a good time to refresh your manners, so you make the best impression.
It’s Gotta Be Apple Pie
Sometimes only pie will do. Your cravings hone in on one specific thing and your life will be unfulfilled until you have it. Not cake. Not cobbler. Pie!
ALT Academy Presents “A Christmas Carol”
One of the best Christmas stories this time of year is Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." It's a great story and many movies have been made about the book. It's fun to read and it's fun to watch. It's a story of evolving and realizing the true meaning of Chr…

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