ReGifting Is it OK or Is It in Bad Taste?
According to a survey I was reading this morning, 52% of people have re-gifted a Christmas present.  I know sometimes we get presents we will never use so when that happens is it OK to regift especially if you know someone who will use it?
Track Santa on Christmas with These Great Santa Trackers
Christmas is almost here! I cannot wait, and I know the kids can't wait for Santa to arrive. So if you are needing a great way to keep track of Santa to make sure the kids get to bed when they need to, then here's a list of great ways to track Santa on Christmas Eve.
What is the Worst Christmas Song Ever Recorded?
Christmas is almost here and we have been playing Christmas Music 24/7 since the day before Thanksgiving.  We try to play the best Christmas songs out there, but we know there are those Christmas songs that make you cringe every time you hear them.
Send Your Holiday Packages Before These Deadlines
It's only nine days until Christmas! While it's exciting for those of us with presents already wrapped and sitting comfortably under the tree, it's overwhelming for everyone who needs to send gifts to far-away destinations.
Here are the deadlines for sending holiday packages...

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