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Carlos Mencia Returns To Amarillo
Are you ready for a great night filled with laughs?  Well, we have it for you!  Carlos Mencia is returning to Amarillo for one night only.
It always seems like forever between visits from comedians.  But it is happening, 'The Latin Comedy Jam' Presents Carlos Mencia...
Where For Art Thou, Canyon?
"Shakespeare In Canyon" returns for season 8 Sunday, June 19th  and Monday the 20th.  This time the production is "A Midsummer Night's Dream".
Pampa Native To Star In Hollywood Film
We have all fantasized at one point or another about staring in a movie, recording an album or something to that extent.  But for most of us it is just a fantasy.  Well, a Pampa man is making his dream reality.
You Don’t Mess With The Nick
A 21 year-old bouncer at the Hogs Breath Saloon in Key West is suing Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter. Gossip Extra claims Carter grabbed Skyler Carden by the throat during a fight outside the bar on January 13th.
Skyler's attorney tells the site: “My client couldn’t breath…
I Feel A New Taylor Swift Song Coming
Hollywoodlife.com claims Taylor Swift is not happy that Harry Styles is dating Kendall Jenner. A source tells the site: “Taylor hates to hear about Harry being with anyone else. It’s not that she’s still in love with him or anything, but her whole relationship w…
I Think It’s Time For Taylor And Katy To Make Up
In Touch Weekly magazine claims Taylor Swift is not mad that Selena Gomez posed with Katy Perry at the Golden Globes. A source tells the magazine and Hollywoodlife.com: “During the Globes, photographers pair people together. The celebs are also usually put together in VIP sections to stay away…
I Wonder If Jen Would Help Me?
The National Enquirer claims Jennifer Aniston is helping Selena Gomez get over Justin Bieber. A source tells the tabloid: “Jen has taken Selena under her wing because she sees a lot of her young self in her. Jen knows how heart-wrenching it is to have to put on a brave public face when the who…

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