#1 Songs That Rang In The New Year: The 1990s [VIDEOS]
As Bob Dylan sang in 1964, 'The Times They Are A-Changing,' and changing they were as we rolled into the 1990's. Before the decade would end words like 'World Wide Web,' 'The Internet' and 'Y2K' would be part of our everyday language.
We would see grunge a…
#1 Songs That Rang In The New Year: The 1980s [VIDEOS]
While working in Bangor, Maine back in the 80's, the station I was at always did a year end countdown. Normally it was the Top 100 from the previous year.
I've always been a fan of countdown and remember every Saturday morning from 6am-10am I would turn on my radio and listen to Casey Kasem 'count em…
Christmas Songs – Why Don’t We Love the Newer Christmas Music?
In the many years I have been celebrating Christmas by playing all the holiday music I have seen and heard a lot of good Christmas music.  Yes, mainly the old classics that we have all grown up on.  Heck the Christmas music our parents grew up on is the same Christmas music we grew up on and it is t…

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