The Top 5 Don Henley Songs
We fell in love with Don Henley when he was a part of the Eagles.  Then he went off on his own and had a great solo career that is still successful today.  Don Henley recently released a new country album, called Cass County.  Henley has stepped into the country world, but he's no stranger to crossi…
JazZoo Coming to the Amarillo Zoo this Saturday
We have a wonderful zoo in our great city and the Amarillo Zoo is always offering fun events for the community.  Coming up this weekend they are combining two very cool things, jazz and animals.  So make plans to bring the family to the zoo on Saturday.
Lori’s Music Suggestions – Ryan Adams & Damien Rice
Music is all around us.  It is what makes life fun.  The thing about music is it can be life changing.  You can find a song for anything.  Any mood, any occasion, any event, anything.  So when it comes to finding a new artist (or a new to you artist) and music, it's lik…
Five Classic Songs Kidz Bop Should Cover
Kids these days don't know how good they have it. Back in the old days, if a popular song had raunchy lyrics or cussed every other word, parents just didn't allow their kids to listen to it. Ever since the year 2000 though, that hasn't been the case, because in 2000 Kidz Bop released …

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