Pet of the Week

Mix Pet of the Week: Macy
One of the best Christmas presents I ever purchased was from the Amarillo SPCA.  I adopted our cat Astro 4 years ago this season.  He was a present for my son.  That cat has been a blessing.  So if you are looking for a pet for Christmas as a present, then visit the SPCA today.  However, please take…
Mix Pet of the Week: Obo
If you are looking for a small dog, who is amazing, then you definitely want to visit Obo.  Obo is a min-pin mix.  She's fun, active, loving and needs a good home
Mix Pet of the Week: Dorothy
If you are looking for a new pet to add to your family and you are looking for a cat, you might want to visit Dorthy at the Amarillo SPCA.  She's up for adoption.
Mix Pet of the Week: Sparky
We need your help in finding a home for Sparky, he's a beautiful schnauzer.  Not only does he need a home so does his buddy a Maltese named Bubbles.  They were left in a neighbors backyard with a note stating the owners could no longer care for them.  They are older dogs and need…
Mix Pet of the Week: Sadie
This dog will melt your heart this week.  You'll love looking into his beautiful blue eyes, and the ring of black around one of them, just makes her so darn beautiful.
Mix Pet of the Week: Ranger
We had fun with this week's Pet of the Week.  We couldn't get Ranger to sit still.  Plus, he wouldn't get on the couch, so at some point and time in his life, he was taught to stay off the couch.  He needs a good home!  Would you like to add Ranger to your family?
Mix Pet of the Week: Iggy
Today's fur baby up for adoption is a cute terrier mix named Iggy.  He was abandoned and the Amarillo SPCA is looking to find him a home.  You can tell he wasn't treated very well.  The time I spent with him, all he wanted to do was be held and cuddled.

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