Pet of the Week

Mix Pet of the Week: Roxy
The Amarillo SPCA has a sweet girl up for adoption this week.  Roxy is a chihuahua mix and she is a sweetheart that needs a forever home.  Plus if you don't want to split up a family her brother is available for adoption as well.
Mix Pet of the Week: Isabell
The Amarillo SPCA is home to a lot of dogs and cats that need good homes.  If you are looking to add a new pet to your family please consider adopting.  Today we would like to feature a cute dog by the name of Isabell.  It looks like Isabell is a chihuahua mix, and possibly could be a…
Mix Pet of the Week: Macy
One of the best Christmas presents I ever purchased was from the Amarillo SPCA.  I adopted our cat Astro 4 years ago this season.  He was a present for my son.  That cat has been a blessing.  So if you are looking for a pet for Christmas as a present, then visit the SPCA today.  However, please take…
Mix Pet of the Week: Obo
If you are looking for a small dog, who is amazing, then you definitely want to visit Obo.  Obo is a min-pin mix.  She's fun, active, loving and needs a good home
Mix Pet of the Week: Sparky
We need your help in finding a home for Sparky, he's a beautiful schnauzer.  Not only does he need a home so does his buddy a Maltese named Bubbles.  They were left in a neighbors backyard with a note stating the owners could no longer care for them.  They are older dogs and need…

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