Pet of the Week

Mix Pet of the Week: Iggy
Today's fur baby up for adoption is a cute terrier mix named Iggy.  He was abandoned and the Amarillo SPCA is looking to find him a home.  You can tell he wasn't treated very well.  The time I spent with him, all he wanted to do was be held and cuddled.
Mix Pet of the Week: Bruiser
I have been asking Patti and Debra with the Amarillo SPCA to bring a big dog for the Mix Pet of the Week.  This week Patti brought us Bruiser.  Bruiser is an Ibizan Hound and is only 9 months old.  He is loveable, playful and needs a forever home.  Bruiser was rescued from Herefo…
Mix Pet of the Week: Sweetie
Sweetie has been at the Amarillo SPCA for almost a year.  She needs a great home without other pets.  Are you looking for a new pet well then Sweetie needs you.
Mix Pet of the Week: Katie
This little cutie was recently brought into the Amarillo SPCA, someone dumped her off in the road around Edder.  She looks to be a chihuahua mix and needs a good home.  So if you have been wanting a small dog, it's time to meet
Mix Pet of the Week: Levi
We had a beautiful dog come in this week for the Mix Pet of the Week.  Levi is a basset hound mix and needs a good home.  He is handsome and calm and gives the best kisses.
Mix Pet of the Week: Skippy
Don't miss your chance to have this handsome feline be a part of your family.  Skippy needs a forever home today and is available for adoption now at the Amarillo SPCA.
Mix Pet of the Week: Lexi
When I walked up front and saw Lexi sitting in my lobby, all I could say was she is such a beautiful dog.   If I didn't already have 3 animals, I would have looked at Patti and said, we aren't taping a video today.  She is coming home with me.  Lexi needs a good home an…

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