Chris Daughtry took the country by storm in 2006 when he stepped in front of the 3 original American Idol judges for the first time.  It was then that half the country fell in love with this guy.  Something about that bald head and that rocker vibe.  Little did we all know just how far he would go.

All I have to say is seriously Simon, seriously!

I guess Chris took Simon's advice though

Chris made it through the Hollywood round and into the Top 24 that year.

During one of his performances in the Top 20 Chris performed "Hemmorhage" from the band Fuel.

Funny piece of trivia, Fuel at the time was looking for a new lead singer and actually approached Chris for the job.

Chris was so in his element when he performed Creed's "What If" in the Top 10 performance.

I have always been a huge fan of Bryan Adams and when Chirs chose "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" for his song, I was in more love with him.

When Chris was in the top 11 of American Idol he performed Johnny Cash's "Walk the Line"   this was one of my favorite performances.

Then Elvis week rolled around and Chris killed it again.

Then the elimination rolled around-and it was the GASP! heard round the world.

I blame Paula for telling him we'll see you in the finals.

I honestly still don't know how Taylor won that season.

Even though Chris didn't win his season of American Idol he still went on to rock this world.  He is still one of the most successful American Idol contestants.

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