Christmas traditions are an important part of the holidays.  They are passed down over time through families.  Here are a few Christmas traditions.


One family I know has a Christmas tradition.  They go to church for the Christmas Eve service.  Once it is over they pile everyone into the car and get hot chocolate and go look at Christmas lights.  Once they are done with that they head home and unwrap presents.

Another family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve.  They get all the family together and the first thing they do before unwrapping gifts is read the story about the birth of Jesus, once the story is read, they light the candles on a birthday cake and sing happy birthday to Jesus, then one at a time open a gift, and go around the circle until all the gifts have been unwrapped.

One family, has a family game night on Christmas Eve.  They get together and gather around the table and pull out the card and board games.

I know lots of families who get to open one gift on Christmas Eve, and that is something we do for the kids in my family, it is usually PJs.  E has learned to expect that.  I'm waiting for the, "Hey Mom, where's my new PJs".

Another tradition for my family is on Christmas morning after we see what Santa has brought, we pile into the kitchen for some homemade sausage balls and wait til the rest of the family comes over and then we finish the gifts.

These are a few of the traditions that I have heard of, what traditions do you and your family do each Christmas?