Mondays are tough enough without having to have a sad moment in the morning.  You see I live on a street with a lot of cats. Not stray cats, fat cats.  They are everywhere and to me that is OK because that means they have a loving family.

Well this morning as I'm driving down the street I see a ton of cats just standing in the road.  I slowed down because who wants to accidentally run over one of these cute furry creatures.

As I was slowing down I realized what they were doing, one of their buddies had been run over and was lying in the road.  They were staying with him even though he had passed, only leaving him when a car passed.

As I took a deep breath of sadness after realizing a family member would soon be pulling out of the drive way to see their family pet.   It made me think of our Astro Kitty and pray that something like this would never happen to our cat.

So I keep driving, and on the next block I see another cat that had been run over.  OK, here's where it started to bug me.  One cat, accident, but two cats a block away from each other, I begin to wonder if someone was being out right evil and running the cats over on purpose.

So my sadness turned to a touch of anger, and then as I reach then end of my street to turn I see another cat lying dead in the road.


Three dead cats on one street in one night, that isn't just coincidence or accident, it is cruelty.

Yes, I understand there are a lot of cats on my street, and I understand that a cat cannot be corralled, they are going to do what they want to do because they are cats.

However, that doesn't mean they deserve to be run over by a car.

I really hope I am wrong in thinking someone when on a cat killing spree, but my heart tells me different.